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VGM Financial Services has been providing equipment finance solutions specific to the golf industry for over a decade through a variety of programs with manufacturers, distributors and courses themselves.

VGM Financial Services provides VGM Club members attractive cash flow options for purchasing equipment.
  • Competitive rates to VGM Club members
  • One-Call-Does-It-All Service
  • Financing specifically designed for the golf industry

VGM Club

Types of Equipment Financed:
  • Golf Cars
  • Turf Equipment
  • Select Irrigation Equipment
Manufacturer & Distributor Programs

Take advantage of our expertise. At VGM Financial Services, we are experts at delivering equipment finance solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors and our customers through our unique combination of:

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Exceptional Services
  • Tailored Products
  • Financial Strength

VGM Financial Services strives to create programs that fit within each customer's unique cash flow situation. Programs are designed to:

  • Expedite Sales
  • Improve Risk Management
  • Offer One-Call-Does-It-All Service
  • Exceed Your Expectations

We make the transaction process FLEXIBLE, EFFICIENT and CONVENIENT for you and your customer. Our commitment does not end after the sale. We offer our market knowledge and experience throughout the life of our relationship.

Finance Programs & Products:
  • Capital Leases
    • $1.00 Purchase Option
    • $10% Purchase Upon Termination
    • Equipment Finance Agreement
  • Tax Leases
    • Early Buyout Option
    • Fair Market Value Leases
    • Operating Leases
    • Loans
    • Payment Deferrals
    • Seasonal Payments
    • Cash-Flow Management Payments
Resoure Center
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1111 West San Marnan Drive, Suite A2 West, Waterloo, IA 50701-8926 - Phone: 800.532.7392

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