Solving Unique Needs with a Custom Approach

At VGM Financial Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of flexible and competitively priced finance solutions and we will work to find the best solution for you. We strive to match our customer’s payments to their budget or unique cash-flow situation.

We can help package equipment, installation and other services into a single lease. We have the capability to upgrade or add equipment throughout the lease term. We provide financing’s ideal combination of world-class resources and personalized solutions.

  • Loans
  • Equipment finance agreements
  • Installment payment agreements
  • Capital leases
  • Operating leases
  • Flexible payment options 
    • Seasonal payments
    • Payment deferrals
    • Step payments
    • Quarterly/semi-annual/annual payments
    • Cash-flow management payments

Stay on track for financial success with our wide range of equipment finance products and programs.